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Established in 2020 and located in the heart of East Texas, 37Farm is a destination for premium container grown native tree varieties. Jennifer Craven and her family have been involved in the Dallas landscape industry for over 25 years servicing residential and commercial clients with full-service landscape design, construction, and maintenance. Sourcing quality trees and plant material was a key component to their success.


37 Farm is the next step in building upon that success by carefully selecting and growing trees for their landscape clients and other professionals in the industry.

37 Farm boasts 80 acres of land with 20 acres of tree production. Contact us to today at for our availability list!

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We are here and happy to help service the wholesale landscaping industry for all of your tree installation needs. We have experts who have been in the industry for over 25 years and are working to ensure that all of our trees are grown with ideal tree structure and overall plant health.

All of our trees are grown in our fertilizer enhanced tree mix soil. We test and treat our soil with a custom fertilizer blend to ensure a nutrient rich media for optimum tree development. We grow trees in 30 gallon to 200 gallon sizes. We offer a wide selection of tree varieties and we are adding new crops all the time. Some of our offerings include: 

  • Live Oaks

  • Shumard Red Oaks

  • Bur Oaks

  • Lacebark Elms

  • Cedar Elms

  • Chinese Pistache

  • Nellie R Stevens Hollies

  • Bald Cypress

  • Pond Cypress


Don’t see everything you need? Please feel free to reach out to us and we are happy to help you source the material you are looking for from one of our trusted local resources in the industry.

Live Oak 48in box 4-4.5in caliper 15ft a
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